sudowoodo weakness pokemon go

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sudowoodo weakness pokemon go : Sudowoodo (Japanese pronunciation: usotsuki Usokkie) is a Rock-type Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolved from Bonsly, leveled while Mimic.

Generation II, its remakes, and Pokemon Emerald, the wild Sudowoodo, are blocking the road at inconvenient places in Johto, Hoenn, and elsewhere. To engage it in battle, a trainer must spray it with water from either a SquirtBottle or Wailmer Pil.

This Pokemon is so beloved by the elderly that a magazine has been created to focus on it. Fans admire its arms for their extraordinary lengths and angles.

Biology About Sudowoodo

Sudowoodo, a Pokémon, has a brown log-shaped body and yellow spots. It has short legs and toeless feet. The forelegs are thin, with three green spheres at their fingertips. The top of the head has a forked “branch,” which is shorter for the female than the male. Although it looks like a plant, Sudowoodo is more like a rock than an actual plant.

Sudowoodo pretends to be a tree and stands on paths to avoid being attacked. Because its forelegs are green, it cannot camouflage itself in winter. This is unlike real trees. Sudowoodo hates water and is extremely weak to it. If it begins to rain, Sudowoodo will immediately break its disguise and run to shelter. It has become flexible and robust because it has held its position for so long. It is popular among the elderly. Some magazines and fans focus on its arm’s length and angle. Sudowoodo is found living in forests. Generation II had Mimic as its signature move.

HP – 70

Attack – 100

Defense – 115

Speed – 30

Special Attack – 30

Special Defense – 65

Sudowoodo Stats

sudowoodo weakness
sudowoodo weakness

Height : 1 m, 120 cm

Weight : 38 kg

Catch Rate : 25.5 %

Gender Ratio : 50% , 50% 

Growth Rate : Medium

Habitat : Forest

Egg Groups : Mineral

Hatch Steps : 5355

Abilities : Sturdy, Rock Head, Rattled

EVs : 2 Defense

Sudowoodo Damage When Attacked

 Strong Against

  • Normal : 1/2
  • Flying : 1/2
  • Poison : 1/2
  • Fire : 1/2

 Weak Against

  • Fighting : 2
  • Ground : 2
  • Steel : 2
  • Water : 2
  • Grass : 2

Sudowoodo Raid Counters

Shadow Pokemon are expensive to power up and require special events to remove Frustration With a Charge TM. Therefore they will not be listed in this article as raid counters. However, you can use the Shadow form of any listed raid counter Pokemon that is TMed and powered up.

The anime

Main series

Sudowoodo in The Animation Principal appearances

Brock’s Sudowoodo

Brock was born as a Bonsly and became Leave it To Brock! Sudowoodo was a reliable and robust partner, despite being bonsly and often anxious.


Sudowoodo debuted in Type Casting. Marie was arguing with Pierre about whether Sudowoodo is a Grass-or-Rock-type. They decided to pursue one to prove each other’s points.

In Camp Pikachu, a Sudowoodo pretended to be part of a tree and hoarded grapes instead of sharing them with the Pichu brothers.

It’s Not All That Glitters! Keenan has a gold Sudowoodo. He tried to make it resistant against water-type Pokemon. However, he turned it into a golden color. Sudowoodo was unhappy with the changes and eventually returned to its original type and color scheme.

A Sudowoodo saw the battle between Meowth, Chespin, and a Torchic for a Pecha Berry in Pikachu and the Pokemon Music Squad.

The Power of Us saw Callahan save a Sudowoodo when he caught the Golduck it was following. Callahan caught it, and it continued following him around.

Minor appearances

A Sudowoodo was featured in A bite to Remember.

A Sudowoodo was featured in PK13.

In Hello Silver Wind!, Sudowoodo was a Coordinator.

In forging forest friendships!, Sudowoodo was captured with a bonsly in a net by Team Rocket. Ash was able to free them when a Trevenant contacted him.

A Sudowoodo was featured in Alola To New Adventure!

A Trainer was Sudowoodo, who appeared in The First Catch in Alola.

Two trainers’ Sudowoodo, were featured in Shocking Grocery Run!

In Lillie’s Egg-exhilarating challenge! A Sudowoodo was played in Lillie’s garden.

Racing To a Big Event! A Trainer’s Sudowoodo participated in the Pokemon Pancake Race.

In Rocking Clawmark Hill!, two Sudowoodo were training on Clawmark Hill.

A Trainer’s Sudowoodo was featured in Reuniting the Band!

Deceiving Appearances! It appeared with five other characters in Don’t Ignore Small Stufful!

In Smashing With Sketch!, a Trainer’s Sudowoodo participated in the Pokemon Pingpong tournament.

Multiple Trainers Sudowoodo and the rest of Alola joined together to shower Necrozma light in Securing the Future! So that it can return to its proper form.

A Trainer’s Sudowoodo was featured in Eevee, and We Know Where You’re Going!

Four Sudowoodo were featured in A Timeless Encounter. The next episode featured Ash and Lycanroc tackling one of them. They mistook the trainer for their Pikachu because they wore an Ash hat.

Battle Royal A Trainer’s Sudowoodo participated in the Battle Royal preliminary rounds of the Manalo Conference but was defeated by Ash’s Pikachu.

In Legend? Go! Friends? Friends?

A Trainer’s Sudowoodo was featured in A Celebration Reunion!

A Trainer’s Sudowoodo was featured in.

In Time After Time, a Sudowoodo flashback appeared.

A Sudowoodo of an older man appeared Star Night!

The manga

Sudowoodo in Pokemon AdventuresAsh & Pikachu

In Tale of the Friendship Between Meowth and Pikachu, a Sudowoodo was featured.

The Magical Pokemon Journey

Clefairy and Pikachu battle Sudowoodo, a Prince of the Stone Kingdom. He has ordered his underlings and Princess Bellossom to kidnap Bellossom of The Flower Kingdom. He intends to marry Bellossom. Bellossom finally agrees to be friends with him but not to marry him immediately.

Pocket Monsters HGSS

Professor Elm was discovered to have a Sudowoodo PMHGSS01.

Pokemon Adventures

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

Smeargle A Sudowoodo disguises itself as a tree on Route 37 to hide from a Rhydon. After being hit by Polibo’s Water Gun, Sudowoodo revealed his identity to Gold in How Do You Do? Sudowoodo was convinced by Gold not to run from his problems and went on to defeat Rhydon in hand-to-hand combat. Soon he joined Gold’s team by the nickname Sudobo, and he participated in the friendly match against Silver and then the Mask Man.

Emerald chapter

Main article: Emerald’s Sudowoodo

Never Spitz, a Knotty Sudowoodo, was spotted by a Sudowoodo. The Reporter suggests that Sudowoodo may be female because of her maternal nature towards Emerald. She appeared to have a romantic relationship after the Chapter.

HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter

A Sudowoodo was a participant in In-Adding Oddish under the control of a Pokeathlon participant.

X & Y chapter

A Sudowoodo was accompanied by a pair of Twins in the Mini-game Corner of Sylveon Emblems.

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon chapter

A Sudowoodo belonging to the Aether Foundation was seen in a flashback Summon Emissaries of Sun and Moon.

Pokedex entries


Pokemon Adventures PS106 Its strength is its ability to disguise itself as a tree. Its strength is its ability to hide as a tree.

The Golden Boys: Pokemon Gold and Silver

Sudowoodo in Golden BoysWhitney and Gold battle a giant Sudowoodo blocking Route 36 in a Huge Mysterious tree! After defeating it in battle, Gold discovers that the Sudowoodo has just covered itself with mud to make it look larger and captures it. He makes it one of his party members.

Pokemon Pocket Monsters

While crossing a bridge, a Sudowoodo blocked the way for Red and his Pokemon in Sudowoodo’s Toll Charges. Sudowoodo managed to work with Clefairy until the bridge fell, which led to it walking away.

Pokemon Ruby-Sapphire

In Let’s Try To Be Idols, A Sudowoodo was featured! !.

Is Sudowoodo good crystal?

Sudowoodo’s skills could be a lot higher. He can be smashed by electric attacks and is vulnerable to various types. A graveller or onix is the best choice if you are looking for a rock type. A steel type may be desired.

How can you get Sudowoodo from Pokemon Crystal?

Location: The only Sudowoodo in GSC is the one that blocks one’s route on Route 36 between Violet City and Goldenrod City.

Does Sudowoodo Respawn Crystal?

Sudowoodo can respawn after defeating the Elite four.

Where did Sudowoodo get his inspiration?


Solenoid Engine



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Is Sudowoodo legendary?

Despite what people may say, Sudowoodo or Arcanine aren’t legendary. Only one legendary in the game meets the criteria. They cannot breed, and there is only one. You can breed one Sudowoodo, but only one is in the game.

What is Sudowoodo weakness exactly?


What is Sudowoodo’s best breeding partner?

A female Sudowoodo must be bred with a compatible male Pokemon. Both parents should know the egg move. You can also breed your Sudowoodo with Ditto if it already has the egg move.

Sudowoodo is not a grass type.

It pretends it is a tree, but its composition looks more like a rock than grass. To avoid being attacked, it disguises itself as a tree. It is opposed to water and will vanish if it rains. A Sudowoodo is a tree that shakes when there’s no wind.

Is Sudowoodo rare?

Sudowoodo is classified as “rare,” meaning it hatches as often as Chansey or Mareep.

How can I get over Sudowoodo?

The badge must be obtained in Goldenrod City. Next, go to the Flower Shop (next to the gym) to get the squirt bottle. Sudowoodo will attack you if you use the squirt bottle. You can defeat it or capture it to make it go away.

What secret ability is Sudowoodo?

Rock Head. Rattled (hidden talent)

What is the secret ability of Trevenant?

Trevenant uses its roots to control other trees. This ability allows Trevenant to curse those who damage its forest and traps anyone who does.

Can Sudowoodo mega evolve?

Sudowoodo can be described as a Rock-type Pokemon. You can Mega Evolve it into Mega Sudowoodo by using the Sudowoodite.

How do I get Sudowoodo, baby?

Sudowoodo’s adorable baby form, Bonsly, is called. A great way to get a Sudowoodo is to breed it using the Nursery on Route 5 or in the Bridge Field section. To do this, you will need two Sudowoodo from opposite genders or one Sudowoodo and a Ditto.

Which Pokemon is number 252 in the Pokemon list?

How can you get the Munchlax Shield?

Munchlax Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield: Munchlax can be found in the following locations

  1. Motostoke Riverbank, Wild Area OVERWORLD – Normal weather (Lv.
  2. Also available from a 2-Star Raid (Level25-30).
  3. It is best to breed and hatch eggs. A Snorlax must be equipped with “Full Incense.”

How can you get the Bonsly Shield?

Bonsly Location in Pokemon Sword & Shield: Bonsly can be found in these locations:

  1. Bridge Field. OVERWORLD- Sandstorm (Lv. 27-29) – 40% Chance.
  2. Stony Wilderness. OVERWORLD – Sandstorm
  3. Also available from hatching eggs. Sudowoodo must be equipped with Rock Incense (bought at the Nulbury Herb Shop).

How can you obtain the Wynaut Shield?

You will need to hatch a Wynaut to get one. Make sure your Wobbuffet is equipped with Lax Incense. If not, you can purchase one at the Hulbury Herb vendor. Then stick it in a nursery with a Ditto and a Wobbuffet from the opposite gender.

How can you get Togepi at Shield?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Togepi are Fairy Type Spike Ball Pokemon. They are weak against Poison and Steel type moves. Togepi can be found in Dusty Bowl. There is a 2% chance that it will appear during foggy weather.

Should Troxel be traded for Togepi?

Although there are many good trades in Sword and Shield for alternative forms of certain Pokemon (especially for Togepi), the best is Toxel For Togepi. Togepi is more common in Raid Dens than in the wild, and it is much easier to obtain one.

Where can I trade Throh for other currencies?

You’ll find an ice cream stand on the south end of Circhester. An NPC will ask for a Vanillish and then trade you a Throh with Sword and a Sawk with Shield. Wild Throh and Wild Sawk are exclusive to Shield. You can switch in-game or from one version to the other.

Do I have to give my applin away?

Applin Away Rewards: You’ll get the Applin that you gave away, along with a Tart Apple (Sword) or Sweet Apple (Shield), which you will need to evolve Applin. To evolve Applin, give Applin the Apple.

What are the best places to trade Togepi for Shield?

There is a place where you can battle your Pokemon. You will pass the Gastrodon and Rhydon. Turn around to speak to the woman wearing a grey suit. You can ask her for her Togepi, and she will give it to you.

Where can you trade Obstagoons?

LocationTrade Quest
Spikemuth: inside the gym, to the back left at the vendor.Obstagoon for Kantonian Mr. Mime
Wyndon: Fast travel to Wyndon, take the path on the right. It’s the house right before the crosswalk.Frosmoth for Duraludon
Where can you trade Obstagoons?

Is Togepi an overworld spawn?

Togepi spawn rates are typically 2%. However, Heavy Fog and other factors can increase this rate to 5%. Togepi won’t appear in any particular place. Also, he won’t appear in the overworld, so tall grass is not an option.

Does Sudowoodo Respawn Crystal?

Sudowoodo respawns after beating the Elite four.

What does Sudowoodo evolve from?


What is Sudowoodo weakness?


What is Sudowoodo hidden ability?

Rock Head. Rattled (hidden ability)

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