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Superhero Trading Review 2022 | superhero trading cards Superhero review: ASX and US share trading app – Our rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Superhero, an online broker, allows you to trade shares on the Australian and U.S. markets and is low-cost. Trade Aussie shares starting at $5 and get free brokerage for Aussie ETF purchases. You can also trade U.S. shares and ETFs starting at $0. With their U.S. trading, fractional shares can be purchased. Superhero is one of only two Australian brokers to offer automated investing with ETFs.

This Superhero broker review will cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision when choosing a broker. It will also explain who Superhero is for, how Superhero works, what Superhero is safe from, what it costs to trade with Superhero and how to sign up. There are other brokers available depending on your needs.

The disclaimer at the page’s end states that all information on this site is intended to be general information and not professional advice.

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What is a Superhero?

Superhero, an online broker, was established in Australia in 2020. It offers zero-brokerage U.S. trades, $5 flat-fee Aussie transactions, and free brokerage on Aussie ETF purchase orders. You can also invest $100 instead of the minimum $500 required by CHESS-sponsored brokers.

Superhero allows you to trade stocks and ETFs without setting up an SMSF.

Who are Superheroes?

Superhero is designed for investors who wish to manage their share trading accounts and avoid the high fees associated with percentage-based platforms, where ongoing fees increase with your portfolio. This broker offers trading on both the Australian and U.S. markets at an affordable price.

Superhero makes it easy to trade and set up. It is highly recommended that you study investing before you buy shares. This will allow you to understand the nature and dynamics of the stock market.

superhero trading cards
superhero trading cards

What does it cost to be a Superhero?

What are the Australian share trading costs for Superhero?

ETF purchases are free of brokerage. All other trades, including ETF sales, will be charged a flat $5 fee.

There is an additional $5 fee for each ETF if you wish to sell the fund or transfer it out within 12 months.

A superhero can offer these low Australian trading fees because they use a custodian model instead of being sponsored by CHESS. This section will discuss more: Is Superhero safe?

The custodian model allows them to avoid the ASX minimum $500 initial purchase for any share and offers $100 minimum ASX trades.

Our verdict

Superhero is an affordable broker that caters to younger traders. It aims to be accessible, easy-to-understand, secure, and affordable. Superhero’s mission is being fulfilled by allowing access to over 2,500 ASX-listed companies, $0 brokerage for ETF trades, and shares listed on NYSE and NASDAQ.

The broker is a great choice for young retail investors as it makes signing up easy compared to many of its rivals. The broker also allows beginners to easily understand the details of their shares by breaking them down into “themes.”

But, as with everything in life, you only get what you pay.

Although the basic trading account is free, it only allows investors to purchase at the market price. You also have limited tax options. The “live account” solves these problems by allowing limited orders and tax invoices. Both accounts do not offer advanced analytics and allow investors to trade on various markets.

It is a good investment for retail investors, despite its shortcomings.

It’s good for

  • Brokerage fees are low.
  • ASX and U.S. stock trading
  • There are no monthly fees.
  • Start investing starting at $100 per trade
  • Live pricing
  • Transfers of F.X. in real-time

It’s not so great for

  • Trading features are minimal.
  • You can’t trade in the U.S. or ASX markets.

Superhero key features

Flat $5 brokerage fee on ASX stocks

For each ASX trade that you make, there is a $5 brokerage fee. It’s a flat brokerage fee, so it doesn’t matter how many trades you make in a month. The fee is the same regardless of how much your trades are worth.

Zero brokerage U.S. stocks

There is no commission to buy or sell stocks or ETFs in the United States.

Although you can only invest in fractions (fractional investing), there is a minimum $100 investment.

Zero brokerage ETFs

The Superhero does not charge a commission to invest in ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and is the only platform that offers zero brokerage on ASX products. This offer is only for orders that are “buy.”

Order F.X. in real-time

Transfers of currency can be made immediately, rather than waiting days for the USD to change (to trade U.S. stocks),

You can invest as little as $100

With a minimum investment of $100, you can invest in Australian stocks or ETFs. This is significantly lower than the $500 minimum investment required by the ASX for Australian companies. This is the first time Superhero has allowed you to invest in ASX stock from Australia.

NAB holds cash funds

The app’s Superhero wallet is used to manage your cash. You can transfer funds to this account so that they are available to trade. NAB holds the money in your Superhero wallet.

You can transfer money to your cash account by bank transfer using PayID or via BPAY.

Reporting tax

Superhero provides comprehensive reporting on all transactions and current stockholdings and detailed tax, performance, and franking credit details.

Prices in real-time

Livestock prices are available on charts when you place orders. This is a significant advantage over other trading platforms, which typically charge a monthly fee to access live prices.

Breakdown of fees and features

Brokerage fee per trade$5 for stocks, $0 for ETFs$0 for US shares
Monthly account fee$0
Currency conversion fee50 pips (US$0.50 for every AU$100 exchanged)
Inactivity fee$0
Minimum investment$100
ReportingBasic reporting of your transactions and current holdings as well as comprehensive tax, performance, dividend and franking details on your holdings
Order optionsMarket order and limit order
Breakdown of fees and features

Superhero ASX Review

Superhero trading, launched in October 2020, is one of the most recent Fintechs to enter the Australian market. Superhero Australia’s lowest Brokerage platform is Superhero. It offers a $5 brokerage per transaction and a minimum trade amount of only $100. This puts it on par with Ig and OpenTrader’s lowest brokerage levels but still beats them all overall.

“We make investing accessible to the younger generation – many feel locked out of the market so they go to the high cost incumbents that don’t have the option anymore.”

This article will discuss what Superhero means, my experience using it, the lessons I learned from talking to their CEO, the company’s potential for investors, and whether superhero trading Reddit can be a suitable brokerage and share trading tool for those on the path of Financial self-government.

Superhero has eliminated fees from the superhero Life account, effectively upgrading Superhero accounts from Basic serviceability to Live and eliminating other fees. You can also invest in ETF brokerage without paying any fees!

Moneyjacks refers to reader support. We may get paid if you visit links that lead to partner or feature websites.

Superhero Trading Review

Best Superhero claims that it homogenizes investing. It makes it accessible to everyone without resorting to micro-investing platforms with high ongoing fees. Superhero is a fintech market brat that aims to shake up Australia’s investing landscape and help those who feel priced out of it.

There are over 300,000 accounts for retail investing in Australia on all platforms in the first half of 2021. It is a booming business.

Many of these retail investors had to choose between opening a small account with the traditional banks’ investing division, paying high brokerage fees, and dealing with long waiting times. They also had to pay hefty brokerage fees.

Superhero Trading Review Reddit

Superhero provides a low-cost brokerage at $5 per trade and a minimum trade size of only $100. This platform makes investing accessible to all. Superhero trading review Reddit works differently from traditional share trading platforms. They use automation and new financial technology as well as modern corporate structures and financial structures to make it possible for them to operate at lower costs, passing the savings on to their buyers.

The Superhero was launched in October 2021 and had thousands of investors signed up for the platform. Trading platforms are another brokerage platform that is very similar to Superhero.

Management and Team Superhero ASX Trading

John Winters and Wayne Baskin are bulk owners of Superhero Trading. They were inspired by the now-pay-later (BNPL) companies Zip (ASX: Z1P) and Afterpay (ASX: APT), a project which has been in development for more than three years. John Winters was appointed Chief Executive Officer by John Winters after Afterpay founder Nick Molnar and Zip founder Larry Diamond teamed up with financial experts John Winters.

John is driven by the desire to modernize the investment industry and the way we use technology to invest. Over the past decade, John has accumulated a lot of experience in finance, banking, investing, and the financial industry.

What is the secret to it?

Superhero’s proprietary software is different from other brokers. It reduces the minimum investment required (normally $500) to purchase ASX stocks to $100.

Superhero uses a custodian system that is quite common among brokers such as Vanguard Personal Investor or I.G., as well as micro-investment apps like Spaceship and Raiz.

This means that shares purchased on Superhero can be advantageously kept in your name.

This model allows you to reinvest as a shareholder and receive dividends.

Your shares can be transferred from Superhero accounts to another broker account if Superhero is no longer in operation.

John Winters, Superhero CEO, stated that the custody model still uses ASX CHESS but uses a single HIN from CHESS. Superhero’s tech consolidates settlements after the trading day ends to reduce costs.

Is Superhero safe for beginners?

Investors have a safer choice to enter the market because Superhero has limited options and low minimum deposits.

Investors can avoid trading in riskier assets, such as CFDs.

Who should be a Superhero?

Superhero is an affordable broker option that is suitable for most retail investors.

Superhero allows you to trade in Australia for a $5 brokerage. You also get $0 on U.S. trades. This product is among the most affordable on the market.

Superhero is a platform that’s easy to use and hassle-free. It also offers free transactions.

Investors who require sophisticated research to enhance their trading platform or are looking for other trade options may find it less appropriate.

Other products offered through the provider

The company has diversified beyond its share trading platform.

Superhero also opened company accounts with trusts, SMSFs, and a corporate trustee.

How to open a Superhero Account

These steps will help you open an account within 10 minutes.

  1. Go to the Superhero Website.
  2. Register your details. Type your name, email address, and telephone number to register your account.
  3. Verify your identity.
  4. Fund your account. After Superhero has verified your identity, you can transfer funds to your Superhero Wallet using BPAY and PayID. Then, you can start trading. These details can be found by navigating to the wallet within the app.

Is Superhero safe?

Superhero holds a financial services license in Australia. They are, therefore, subject to regulation by ASIC.

Trading in Australia

To keep track of who has what shares, the ASX uses a system called CHESS Sponsorship with Holder Identification numbers (HINs). Your shares with Superhero are not under your HIN in your name, and you are the legal owner. Australian shares are kept in custody on your behalf. This third-party company is Superhero nominees Pty LtdYou are the beneficial owner.

You are the beneficial owner, and you get the benefits of the asset, including the proprietary interest in your investments and the income and rights associated with your investments. Your Superhero account shares cannot legally be accessed, even by creditors of Superhero, if Superhero goes out of business. Your shares may be transferred to another broker by Superhero Nominees in that instance.

It may take you some time to gain access to these shares. This has happened in Australia from time to time. Here is an example from 2018when: customers were locked out of their investments, and funds returned three years later. The result of a broker not following legal procedures could be even worse. This is what happened to Opes prime.

The superhero can pay lower settlement fees and offer ASX trades at a lower price by using a single holder I.D. number (HIN) rather than multiple HINs for each user.

Superhero uses Finclear, a CHESS market participant Finclear, to execute trades in real-time using their Best Execution Policy. Finclear also used Stake as a competitor to Open markets. This is used to execute trades in SelfWealth and Pearler.

The U.S. share trading

The same custodian holds superhero shares in the USA as Australian shares.

The Superhero does not offer stockbroking services for U.S. trading. They have access to the U.S. financial markets through their partnership with Apex Clearing Corporation LLC (Apex. This company provides both clearing and trade executions. Just as Australian shares are held in custody for you, so are U.S. securities.

Two things are essential to remember when determining whether Apex is safe:

  1. You can verify their FINRA registration status by clicking. This will validate their registration, licenses, and arbitration cases. FINRA stands for Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. They oversee all brokers registered in the USA.
  2. They are also listed with SIPC to offer additional protection during their bankruptcy. SIPC protects against loss of cash or securities (such as stocks and bonds) held by customers at financially troubled SIPC-member brokerage firms. SIPC protection has a limit of $500,000, which includes a cash limit of $250,000

You can find more information at Safety for Customer Assets at Apex Clearing Corporation.

Is Superhero easy to use?

Superhero makes trading easy. You will be taken to your dashboard when you open the app. This shows your key account information, such as portfolio value, holdings, and pending orders.

Click on the Invest tab to invest. Select a share to see more information about it. Once ready, click Buy/Sell and place a limit or market order.

You can access your funds by going to the Wallet tab. You can make withdrawals, deposits, or currency transfers between AUD/USD.

What is Superhero Auto Invest?

Fidelity conducted a study in 2003 and 2013. It found that people who had lost or forgotten their accounts had the highest returns. Not touching your investment after your plan has been established is important. Auto Invest allows you to let your investment do its work.

You must set up a regular automatic transfer from your bank account to your Superhero Wallet. This is your cash management account in Superhero. You must use your Superhero Wallet BSB and Account numbers when setting up where to transfer.

You can set up daily, weekly or fortnightly orders in your Superhero Account. The orders can be executed if your linked cash management account has money.

Superhero offers live data and reporting

Superhero provides basic data and reports, such as:

  • Real-time pricing
  • Live market depth
  • Charts of price performance (reaching back just one Year)
  • Keep an eye out for watch lists

The Superhero was initially free to subscribers who had a premium subscription. However, the fees were soon removed and are now completely free.

This is likely to not be sufficient for active traders. Performance charts are only available for one Year. There are no buy-sell ratings or technical analyses.

Although the data and reporting are better than online brokers, it is not as comprehensive as Commsec, which provides all that Superhero has to offer:

  • Stock screener and advanced charts, including heat maps, graphs, and comparison charts
  • Data that dates back a long time
  • Pricing alerts (email and mobile notifications)
  • Stock recommendations and buy-sell ratings
  • A news feed that includes technical analysis for your stocks. This is useful for traders but not for buy-and-hold investors.

If you don’t want to use Superhero, you can open a Commsec (free) account for trading and reporting. This would allow you to have low-cost brokerages through Superhero and extensive market and reporting data through Commsec.

What is Superhero Superannuation, and how can it help you?

Superhero offers two types of superannuation products: Control and Autopilot.

Superhero control allows you to invest up to 75% in Australian ETFs and ASX 300 shares. Rest will be invested in VDBA (a 50/50 share/bonds mix fund).

Superhero admin Fee: $108 per year + 0.49 of each account balance per annum.

Fee for Investment Manager: VDBA currently 0.2% per annum

Brokerage fee: $5 per trade

Superhero Autopilot allows you to invest up to 30% in various themes, such as U.S. Tech and Asia Tech. You can also invest up to 10% in each of these themes. The remainder will be invested in VDBA (a mixed fund of 50/50 shares/bonds).

Superhero admin Fee: $52 per Year + 0.49 of the Account Balance per Annum.

VDBA fee for investment manager: Currently 0.227% per annum. Thematic funds and investment manager fees are often higher.

Although choosing your own ETFs for your super sounds wonderful, the fees can be very high. Even if you average the self-selection fees to around 0.1%, the total cost will still be 0.70% after adding the VDBA cost. This is a significant reduction in your return. Historical after-inflation compounded returns for shares were around 6.5% p.a., so 0.70% is more than 10% of your annual expected return. These losses can also lead to more than a 10% loss of retirement savings over time.

Comparing this with Hosting, which offers low-cost investment options for index investments, is possible. Their Australian and international options are about 0.07%, or at a tenth of the price.

HostPlus ChoicePlus provides ETF exposure in super for a fixed price. However, this is only available with selected broad-market ETFs. Once you have reached a certain amount, your fees stop increasing. Your fees for Superhero super will rise as your investment balance increases.

Also, you cannot choose which Vanguard fund to use for your remaining account. VDBA means half of your account is in defensive assets. This will reduce returns for those who have accumulated a lot.

You will also need to realize capital gains to change out of Superhero Super.

How do you invest in Superhero trading

Signing in to Superhero will bring up a variety of themes, such as Renewables, Health, and so on. This is great for beginners or those who aren’t confident with investing. You can also search for specific stocks under the investing tab.

According to my financial independence Investing Strategy, I choose to invest in high-quality, low-management fee ETFs and LICs. I also try to avoid direct shares or specific themes of shares.

Trading is easy. Once you have funded your account (PAY or PayID transfer to the account details you provided when you opened it), you can browse or choose your ticker code for stock, ETF, or LIC.

The trade is entered into Superhero’s system using their Best Execution Policy. Superhero then settles all trades by the end of each business day. You are the full-helpful owner of the share.

I chose to invest in the Betashares international Cybersecurity ETF, ‘HACK. To test it out, I put in $100 minimum chips. This ETF is brokerage-free. I earned 11 units for $92, while the equity of $100 remained in my investment cash account. This has grown by almost 4%, which is a nice increase and what I expect to see over the next few months.

Review of Captain FI’s Superhero Trading

Honestly, I didn’t invest through Superhero in HACK because I wanted to. I did it simply to try out Superhero. Although I had access to the app previously through a friend’s account, I was able to gather information for my review and test it. However, Superhero asked me to sign up for the app and give it another go. It works very well, which was quite surprising to me.

You can find my findings here. Although I will not put all my eggs in one basket because of my Financial Independence portfolio, I believe it is a fun, easy, and quick way to invest. Superhero is a great platform for beginners or those interested in investing. It has a minimum investment of $100. This makes it a top choice when looking to invest in ETFs. This isn’t an issue for those just starting with micro-investing or for small amounts.

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Superhero Trading Review 2022 and superhero trading cards FAQ

Is Superhero trading safe?

Your shares are stored under a bromidic ‘in (‘in) in the ASX CHESS database when you trade with Superhero. These funds are better than managed funds but less complicated than those held on your HIN, as per ASX CHESS-sponsored brokers like Pearler.
Superhero manages investments through a storage model. This is a compromise that allows for a lower brokerage. Your assets will be successfully held alongside other Superhero investors’ assets.
Rachel Hopping is available to clarify any risks to your assets or the safety of the Superhero. Superhero Marketing Manager provided the following assurance.
“It would be misleading and erroneous for anyone to suggest that Superheroes could confuse an investor’s assets. Each client’s assets are kept in a single client account. All client assets of failed broker BBY were held in single HINs. ASIC sued Commsec for mixing up buyer assets despite having individual HINs.
Rachel Hopping, Superhero Marketing Manager

Superhero ASX review

Superhero, a fintech that offers low-price $5 trading of ASX shares, is new. For the complete review, see the Moneyjacks ASX superhero trading review article.

Which is better: Selfwealth or Superhero

Selfwealth, an online trading platform for share trading that is sponsored by CHESS, executes all trades at once. Superhero uses a custodian system to save brokerage costs and executes trades later in the day. Pearler is my preference over Selfwealth, a CHESS-sponsored investment platform with automated tools.

Superhero Fees Us Stocks:

Superhero trading costs $5 brokerage, and there are no monthly or inactivity fees.

Is Superhero CHESS a sponsor?

You do not own an individual CHESS sponsor for your investments through Superhero. Instead, you have legal custody of your shares by Superhero to ensure your beneficial ownership.
The Superhero is identified by an “Institutional Holder Identification number” on the ASX CHESS Registry via OpenMarket. To reduce costs manage individual shareholder investments.
This concept isn’t new – Rachel describes it as
“It would help people to know that I.G. Markets Interactive Brokers Vanguard, Vanguard Stake, Selfwealth US, and ETFs. All Managed Funds, retail, and company hold.
Rachel Hopping, Superhero Marketing Manager

What’s the Superhero minimum trade amount?

Use superhero trading to trade at least $100

Who is the owner of superhero trading?

John Winters, Wayne Baskin, Nick, and Nick are the majority owners of Superhero trading. Personal investors are Larry Diamond and Molnar. The pre-IPO funding round saw them raise over $25 million from institutional investors. John and Wayne still own a majority of superheroes. The board of directors for Superheroes makes all the major business decisions.

Summary of Superhero trading review

Superhero, one of Australia’s most affordable share trading platforms, charges $5 per trade for Australian listed stock (ASX), with a minimum trade size of only $100 instead of the $500 required by other brokers.
Superhero is extremely user-friendly. It is simple to create an account, pay I.D., transfer in, and start trading the next day. This makes it a great option for young investors or those who are just starting to understand Financial Independence.

Are Superheroes Listed on ASX?

Superhero is a minimal trading platform and doesn’t offer the same quality as other brokers. This is a good thing. Who needs Australia’s lowest brokerage? Although we can’t control market conditions, we can certainly control the fees that we pay.

Superhero Trading App Australia

Their inconspicuousness is admirable, as it helps to cut out all the bullshittiness of investing. After all, no smart investor would ever access their investing information via a broker or share trading site. Expert investors ignore all this and simply purchase the entire market via indexes.

Superhero Trading referral code

Using my referral code, you can get $100 worth of ETFs for free if you sign up on the superhero trading platform. Click here to see my Superhero referral HTML code, or fill out the form manually

Who owns a superhero trading platform?

trading platform provides you with a means to purchase shares. Keep your brokerage costs as low as possible. Superheroes ticks all the boxes. Particularly because they offer brokerage-free ETFs
Deciding if you feel comfortable with the CHESS version they have created important. Sponsorship and custodian shareholding arrangements. Recall (Superhero Trading Review)
Superhero trading fees are Your money – Your move

SuperHero trading Competitors

What about the competition? Although Superhero is the industry leader in price, they do not offer individual CHESS sponsorship to your investments. This gives you less certainty. Superhero is far superior to Pearler and Selfwealth in the Financial sovereignty investing market.

Share trading: Superhero or Pearler

earler was founded in 2019 and fills the niche of share trading. With its automated F.I. investing and $9.50 trades, Pearler is a stock brokerage platform that can help you get on your way to Financial Independence. Auto investment is Pearler’s investment feature that I consider the ‘Pearl of Pearler.’ This allows you to automatically invest in shares, such as LICs and ETFs. So you can relax and enjoy Financial Independence.
Because I could not keep a disciplined investment, I switched to Pearler to automate my share-market investments.

Superhero Trading Review Vs. SelfWealth Share trading Reviews

elfWealth is An Australian online take-off broker that is sponsored by CHESS.
SelfWealth offers flat $9.50 trades, which makes it one of the most affordable brokers and provides an industry-leading service. It provides all the basic information you require and even inter through its link. ANZ Bank runs a cash trading account. Reddit superhero review is worth noting that other brokers charge a higher fee. For larger trades, you might be charged a percentage fee. This could mean you are paying hundreds to even thousands of brokerage fees. SelfWealth charges a flat $9.50 per trade. SelfWealth can be used to buy any share listed on Australia’s Stock Market (ASX). You can also purchase shares from ETFs in other markets. SelfWealth is a low-cost investment vehicle that can be used in every industry around the globe.


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