tiger brokers australia review 2022 | Is Tiger Brokers safe & legit 

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Tiger Brokers Australia review 2022 | Is Tiger Brokers safe & legit and tiger broker fees. Know more about tiger broker

Hello dear friends welcome to Gobalnewsza.net. This article will present an entire Tiger Brokers Australia review for 2022. We will also review Tiger-Brokers fees, is Tiger-Brokers safe and legit and how you can begin your trading and investing journey using Tiger-Brokers.a

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Is Tiger Brokers safe & legit
Is Tiger Brokers safe & legit

What exactly is Tiger Brokers Australia

Tiger -Brokers are one of the top brokerages for share trading in Australia that began providing its services for Aussie customers in 2022. In Australia, Tiger Brokers (AU) Pty Limited is an ASIC ( Australian Securities and Investments Commission) licensed Financial service company. Tiger- Brokers was launched in 2014 by UP-FinTech Holdings Ltd as a subsidiary firm registered as a company on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: TIG) and has headquarters worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and Hong Kong.

In its first year as a player in Australia, Tiger Brokers is a new player in the Australian market. Tiger Brokers was awarded the title of Best for Casual ASX Trader 2022 from Mozo.

At present, Tiger Brokers claims that they have 9 million registered customers around the world. In Australia, the company provides mobile and desktop trading platforms that are easy to use and simplify the lives of investors and traders concerning investing and trading. New users can sign up fast and begin their investment journey within minutes.

After entering Australia’s share broking market by 2022, Tiger Brokers is a fairly unknown company for the typical Australian consumer.

Tiger- Brokers was founded in the year 2014 when it was established. Its parent company is the Beijing-headquartered UP Fintech Holding, which has been listed on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ: TIGR) since 2019.

The backers consist of Interactive Brokers, Xiaomi, the ZhenFund, and Jim Rogers, a prominent Wall Street investor you may have seen on YouTube and Bloomberg.

Is Tiger Brokers safe?

Within Australia, Tiger Brokers (AU) Pty Limited (ABN 12 0268 386) is licensed through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and has the Australian Financial Services Licence (No. 300767).

They also have a license to conduct business within their home countries of the USA, New Zealand, and Singapore. On their website, you can get more information on how and how Tiger Brokers is regulated globally.

The client’s funds are stored in a bank account that is segregated and which is administered by the custodian. For their Australian clients, they use CommBank.

The answer is yes because Tiger- Brokers is performing, trading, and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Tiger -Brokers also holds an Australian business number (ABN 12 0268 386 007) with the company name Tiger- Brokers (AU) Pty Limited, and they also have an Australian Financial Services Licence (300767).

Tiger- Brokers features

  • The best characteristic that Tiger Broker offers is they mostly provide signup incentives for new customers, such as the possibility of a joining bonus, which may include commission-free trading and free market information or stock vouchers that can be used to purchase. This is a great way for new users to start their investment careers.
  • Tiger -Broker has proprietary trading platforms, including a mobile application and desktop-based trading platforms. Both are equipped with various features such as instant converters, indicators and trading tools.
  • Tiger- Brokers offers seamless access to the world’s markets: US, ASX & HK ETFs and stocks. US options. You can take advantage of US options and explore Asian markets (HK stocks) using a low-cost fee brokerage.
  • The Tiger- Brokers mobile and desktop platforms offer two-factor authentication, which increases the degree of security. They also provide fully safe trading and investing experiences.
  • Tiger -Brokers also offer a demo account with US 100,000to, allowing new users to test their trading strategies and aid new users in trying out features on the platform without putting their own money at risk.
  • Tiger- Brokers also have an online community of millions of investors and traders who share their ideas and experience to assist others.
tiger brokers australia review 2022 |
tiger brokers australia review 2022 |

Tiger Brokers brokerage/ fees

New customers will get 90 days of zero brokerage fees on ASX and US stocks trading when they sign up for an account. Find the normal fees below:

As of the date when this article was written, Tiger- Brokers was not charging any fees for custody deposits or withdrawal fees, inactivity charges, or account maintenance fees. However, you have to have to pay a commission to trade, which is as follows:

US Equity and Stock ETFs

CommissionUSD 0.0049 / Share
Min. USD 0.99 / Order
Max. 0.5% × Trade Value
Platform FeeUSD 0.005 / Share
Min. USD 1 / Order
Max. 0.5% × Trade Value
US Equity and Stock ETFs
  • Trade commissions: US $0.0049 per share and a minimum of US $0.99 per purchase
  • Platform cost: US $0.005 per share and the minimum US $1.00 per purchase

New account holders could be eligible for a deal of no US brokerage fees for three months. Additional fees, including pass-through charges (settlement, SEC and FINRA fees), could be charged.

Australian stocks

Commission0.025% × Trade Value
Min. AUD 2.5 / Order
Platform FeeAUD 3.99 / Order
Settlement Fee0.03% of trade value
Australian stocks
  • Commission for trading: 0.025% per cent of the trade value and the minimum being AU $2.50 per transaction
  • Platform fee: AU $3.99 per order
  • Fee for settlement: 0.03 per cent of the value of trade

It is important to note that Tiger Brokers doesn’t charge any other fees for trading. Also, there’s no minimum size for orders for Australian stocks as of the date of this article, excluding the AU $500’minimum marketable package limitation for the first purchase of any shares.

New customers may receive no brokerage charges for the first three months.

Hong Kong stocks

Commission0.03% × Trade Value
Min. HKD 7 / Order
Platform Fee0.03% × Trade Value
Min. HKD 8 / Order
Hong Kong stocks
  • Standard broker (commission plus platform fees): 0.03% of the total value of the trade

Other pass-through fees may be applicable Additional pass-through fees could be imposed, such as HKEK or HKSCC fees, transaction charges, stamp duty, and proxy service charges.

US options

  • Standard broker (commission and platform cost): US $0.95 per contract and a minimum of US $2.99 per transaction.

Other fees that pass through could apply other fees for pass-through, including ORF, FINRA and OCC fees, as well as exchange fees.

Assets and markets that can be traded

The account you have with your Tiger Brokers account will give you access to the following markets:

  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE): ETFs, options, shares and ETFs.
  • Nasdaq Market Market (NASDAQ): ETFs, options and shares
  • American Stock Exchange (AMEX): ETFs, options, shares and ETFs.
  • Australian Securities Exchange (ASX): ETFs and shares
  • Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX): ETFs and shares
  • US Pink Sheet (over-the-counter) exchange: Shares

Funding Tiger Broker account

The process of funding Tiger Brokers account is very simple. It can be done using POLI, PAY ID and Bank transfer in USD, AUD and HKD. One of the most appealing aspects of funding a Tiger -Broker account is that there is no minimum investment to fund your account. Funds are transferred into your account immediately and then changed according to the amount for trading.

In the end, there is no fee for depositing, and there is no minimum amount of deposits which makes Tiger Brokers unique. Some banks charge fees for transfers of funds. Tiger Brokers is not responsible for the fees.

Useful features

  • Tiger -Brokers offers its proprietary trading platforms, including Tiger -Trade, the Tiger Trade desktop platform and an app for trading on mobile devices that includes multi-currency exchange and advanced trading tools.
  • A tech-oriented platform, Tiger Brokers, leverages modern technology to facilitate quick registration and security. You can also use Tiger Token Security App. Tiger Token Security App for added security and protection when you activate 2-factor authentication.
  • The share trading platform that is all-in-one provides market data for free to help you track price trends and market movement during trading. In addition, you have access to an array of trading tools, including candlestick charts and stock screening tools. Profits and losses analysis, as well as other customizable indicators.
  • When you signup on to this Tiger Trade app, you’ll be able to access a virtual $100,000 to test your online stock trading using the demo account before you can begin trading using the money you own.
  • At times, Tiger Brokers offers signup promotions for new members, for example, the opportunity to get a share for free.

Pros and Cons of tiger broker


  • Trade stocks are traded in Australia and internationally through Australia, USA in the USA and Hong Kong.
  • Very generous signup bonus to a brand new account.
  • Excellent trading charts and screening using an intuitive interface.
  • Access to market information to track market movement for better trading choices.
  • The virtual funds allow you to test trading before making trades with actual money.
  • Cost-effective trading fees to increase profits on capital.
  • No minimum deposit requirement.
  • Take advantage of the Tiger Community, where you can share investment knowledge with other investment professionals.


  • The range of trading assets is minimal when compared with trading platforms such as Nabtrade and IKBR, which offer greater access to stocks in the international market.

Where can I sign up for Tiger Brokers?

If you’d like to signup to open an account with Tiger Brokers account, click the “Open Account” link here and follow the below steps:

  1. Select whether you’d like to sign up using an email address or telephone number, and then fill in the appropriate information.
  2. Select your nationality, country of birth, country of residence, and country of tax residency.
  3. Include your name, date of birth, address, gender, and contact information.
  4. Upload a photocopy of your ID, like your driver’s license or passport or evidence of your residence address.

A new account is open within 3 hours from the time the application to open a bank account is completed. However, additional time may be needed in certain situations.

Tiger Brokers’ contacts information

Client Service : Weekdays 09:00am – 05:00pm Sydney Time
Phone: 02 9169 6999
Email: [email protected]

Media Enquiry : Contact email
[email protected]

Business Partnerships : Contact email
[email protected]

Suggestions and Complaints : Contact email
[email protected]

To what? Tiger Broker is good.

Tiger Brokers Australia Features

  • ✔️ Easy sign-up Process
  • ✔️ Support US options trading
  • ✔️ Zero minimum Deposit
  • ✔️ Easy to use app and desktop trading platform
  • ✔️ Best sign-up bonus
  • ✔️ Less brokerage fees
  • ✔️Real time data
  • ✔️Top class trading tools


With its accessibility to markets, Tiger Brokers aims at the active investor. If you are looking to trade in the same range of assets and markets, it is worth considering these as an alternative.

  • eToro. A leading online trading platform designed for Australians looking to trade internationally traded stocks. It is possible to utilize eToro for trading US stocks and fractional shares, CFDs, and the most popular cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin…
  • Stake. Access to US market shares without the requirement of a US trade account. The Stake app offers more than 3500 different ETFs and stocks and doesn’t charge any commission or fee for trading to use the platform.
  • Self-Wealth. A cost-effective platform that gives accessibility to ASX stocks and US markets. It’s a well-designed and very well-designed and designed platform with several features for investors with experience; however, there is a monthly cost you must pay to access the platform.
  • CommSec . An experienced online broker offering investors access to an extensive selection of securities. It offers access to Australian listed shares and 25 of the most renowned global markets, including the US.

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Tigers Brokers Australia- FAQ

Is Tiger Brokers available in Australia?

Tiger Brokers will indeed be available in Australia from March 2022. Within Australia, Tiger Brokers provides its complete range of services, including trading ASX, US and Hong Kong stocks, US Options and ETFs with competitive brokerage fees.

Can Tiger Brokers be trusted?

Yes, Tiger Brokers is respected in Australia since they are licensed by ASIC ( Australian Securities and Investments Commission)

Why is Tiger Brokers so cheap?

Tiger Brokers are affordable because their primary goal is to provide everyone in Australia with the opportunity to invest and trade.

Can I buy Bitcoin on Tiger Brokers?

Presently, the range of trading services offered by Tiger Brokers Australia does not include Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. The company Tiger Brokers has announced that they are planning to begin offering crypto-based trading services shortly.

Does Tiger Brokers get dividends?

Dividends are automatically credited to your Tiger account. The account of Tiger. You’ll automatically be paid the dividend if you have the stock before the ex-dividend date.

Can I buy OTC stocks on Tiger Brokers?

According to their site, Tiger Brokers gives you access to shares listed by the Pink Sheet Exchange, the principal OTC exchange within the United States.

Is day trading allowed on the Tiger Brokers trading platform?

Yes, day trading is permitted in both HK and US stocks. It is also possible to do intra-day trading on Australian stocks.

Can I trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on Tiger Brokers?

You cannot trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in Australia through Tiger Brokers.

Does Tiger Brokers offer a mobile trading app?

Yes, there is a way to install a Tiger Trade app on your mobile device to make investments in international markets and use an array of trade tools, features and other trading instruments.


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